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Video Swimming Stroke Analysis

Swimmers should consider a video swim stroke analysis for multiple reasons. If you have pain with swimming, slow motion video feedback and stroke advice can correct common stroke errors that lead to pain. In addition, performance and confidence can improve with proper timing and form, learned with corrective exercises and drills.


Our assessment includes a medical and training history, assessment of functional range of motion and strength, and a video analysis of swimming form, with feedback from your physical therapist. Recommendations from your analysis will be provided with ways to treat or prevent injuries in and out of the water.

  • Uninjured Individuals looking to prevent injury or improve performance will be charged $100.
  • Current patients or injured individuals who have a physician referral can have the swim analysis billed through insurance. If you are unsure of your plan's coverage, please contact us and our staff will verify coverage with your provider.


Swimming video analysis is available at our OSU Campus location.



Our Swim Stroke Analysis Team
Kathy Krummen PT
OSU Campus

Josh Pintar PT
OSU Campus