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Running Video Gait Analysis

All runners should consider a running gait analysis.  Not only will runners who are experiencing any type of pain benefit from the advice, but anyone looking to make improvements and prevent future injuries will find value too.





The assessment includes a medical and training history, assessment of range of motion and strength and video analysis of running form with feedback. We analyze this data and provide you recommendations for running form modifications, type of footwear, exercises to prevent injury and training advice.


Uninjured Individuals looking to prevent injury or improve performance will be charged $100.

Current patients or injured individuals who have a physician referral can have the gait analysis billed through insurance. If you are unsure of your plan's coverage, please contact us and our staff will verify coverage with your provider. 


The video gait analysis is offered at our OSU Campus, Gahanna, Dublin and Lewis Center locations.




Our Gait Analysis Team

Sarah Clagg PT, AT

Melissa Converse
Gallatin PT, AT

Lewis Center

Chelsea Davis PT-R
OSU Campus

Mary Kowitz PT-R
OSU Campus

Kat Kozak, PT
OSU Campus

Kathy Krummen PT
OSU Campus

JJ Kuczynski PT
OSU Campus
Stephanie Lawson PT
Rick Neitzelt PT, AT

Kelly Mueller PT, AT